Comparing to Middle East, Balkan is Disneyland.

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Hmm, it does remind me of something but, no, it’s not that. It’s green tea with ginger and lemon aroma. Awesomness.

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Google vs Facebook, short observation

I like Google because you use it only when you need something, it feels very natural, how an online service should feel.

With Facebook I have feeling that I use it mostly when I don’t need anything, basically bored, and to me this is main distinction between Google and Facebook.

The idea that social networks are helping us to connect with our friends and family is totally flawed. If I want to connect with my brother in Croatia, I would simply give him a call on Skype, the conversation would be far more meaningful than empty chat exchange on Facebook.

All I want to say, I have to lay off from social media a bit :-)

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The perfect chart of a football player

The perfect chart of a football player

The World Cup reached its climax, with Germany taking the trophy, well deserved, as most people, experts and non-experts, agree. It was their team spirit which won over individual geniuses such as Messi and Neymar.

As promised, we have put together a very interesting analysis of all the players we checked during this tournament, 14 altogether.

After a few days into the World Cup and several…

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Wow, didn’t notice this detail, Vlaar’s missed penalty for  almost rolled back in

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Artistic installation or just an idiot leaving trash behind? The line is thin. (at Hotel Atlantic Kempinski Hamburg)

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KIA almost got it, two days before match! #worldcup #bra #ger

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