Everything is in its right place

Every time something “unfortunate” happens to me, after some time it turns out to be a very good thing, a shift into better direction. Every time.

Practically there is no such thing as a bad luck, negative outcome, whatever happen to us is with a purpose of correcting our life direction. We just have very narrow view on what is good and what is bad. We do not trust, we do not follow the flow, we do not have faith in divine guidance.

We should actually be more alert when good things are happening, it’s a sign of soon coming correction of our life path.

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Spot on. Human technology will never reach this kind of simplicity. And it works without paying subscription or looking at annoying ads.

Sun, brought to you by Pepsi :-)

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Didn’t realize that we have dragons in Dalmatia. But this one definitely likes to take a rest in the arms of beautiful lady so I wouldn’t be surprised that he is one of us.

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Being Apple Genius sucks, you have to use those fat iPhones. (at Apple Store)

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On Sunday is Australian Grand Prix, if I knew I would have stay longer :-) (at Southern Cross Station)

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at Auckland Airport (AKL) International Terminal

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at Takaro Lodge

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HackerNews on MtGox

OedipusRex: Did I just loose all my coins I had with them?
georgemcbay: Yes, but in return you are learning a valuable lesson, which is that "loose" spells the word that means the opposite of tight and the word you were looking for is "lose", which is the opposite of win or gain.
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