Like birds in cage. Holiday or prison? (at Split Harbour, Croatia)

  05:57 pm, by johnyqi

A car, a bicycle and a beer drinking station, all in one. This can be invented only by Germans. (at Hamburg Dammtor station)

  07:12 pm, by johnyqi

I wonder why our clients always think that we have emergency room? (at Energy Clinic Hamburg)

  08:32 am, by johnyqi

Place where we had wedding dinner is getting demolished. Old memories recycled, new about to be made. Cycle of life. (at Osteria Due)

  07:59 am, by johnyqi

I thought in one moment that we have three suns in the sky. (at Hotel Atlantic Kempinski Hamburg)

  08:48 pm, by johnyqi

Gay parade standing between me and my lunch. Darn those liberals. (at Lange Reihe)

01:01 pm, by johnyqi

This is such cool sport, would love to try it once. Probably I would be more in water than on board. (at @ Alster Lake)

  08:08 pm, by johnyqi

The question is, why they even need a person on top of this thing? Bit of electronic and remote control, and whoop, guy is out of job :-)

  07:01 pm, by johnyqi

When you put fruit in front of Buddha each fruit have to be in uneven numbers (1,3,5…). When it comes to blueberries, let’s hope we are good there.

  03:12 pm, by johnyqi
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